I offer bespoke composition in a range of music styles for all arts and media uses.


I can collaborate with you on songwriting, production, audio editing and recording depending on the needs of your project.


This is the agreement in place to allow you to use a piece of music for your production. I have an ever-growing catalogue of tracks available.

Sound Effects & Design

I can add sound effects to enhance the overall quality of your production. This may be additional to existing sound captured during a film shoot such as background environment noise or the human voice.

Mixing and Mastering

I can work with your existing recordings to create professional standard mixes, and I will master your tracks for a range of purposes including digital download, streaming, radio play and CD production.
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Working with a range of professional actors I can provide your production with appropriate voiceover dialogue.


I offer bespoke tuition in a range of areas including guitar, bass, piano, music production, songwriting and composition.

Freelance Writing

I am the founder of the music production and creative industry blog 'The Audio Tapes'.