Music for your baby and newborn photography slideshow!

Below is an overview of the music license and composition services I offer along with a playlist of some of my music which is available for license. For more information on each service, a guide to choosing tracks and FAQs please read the following PDF Guide:

Michael Denny Music - BANPAS Information Pack

If you would like more information just fill out the contact page detailing your requirements or email the dedicated BANPAS members email:

Service 1: License of Existing Music:

  • Track duration 90 seconds or less - £25 per track (3 tracks for £70) and (5 tracks for £100)

  • Track duration longer than 90 seconds - £35 per track (3 tracks for £90) and (5 tracks for £120)

Service 2: Bespoke Composition and Music Production
  • A new piece of music composed specifically for your project and brief and you / the parents can name the track.

Service 3: Additional Services
  • I also offer the following specialist services: Commercial License and Composition / Sound Effects and Design / Editing of Existing Tracks / Sound Mixing and Editing