Below is a couple of playlists showcasing some of my music which is available for license. The license cost for each piece of music depends on what you wish to use the track for. This is just a small selection of my catalogue to give you a taster of what I offer. Prices start from as little as £25, If you would like a quote for your particular project, or if you would like to hear more samples of my music just fill out the contact page detailing your requirements and I will get back to you.

Below is a playlist of some of my the most popular tracks available for license. These tracks showcase a range of styles and genres of music suitable for a number of different media and uses.


Below is a playlist of some of my specialist soundtrack pieces in a contemporary instrumental style. These tracks explore a number of themes and imagery influenced by a range of song titles and contexts and are suited perfectly to TV dramas, documentaries and for building tension.