Professional Development - Podcasts

With so many resources available for professional and personal development it is often difficult to know where to start and how to find the best material. There are lots of excellent resources available including video tutorials, podcasts, self help books and blogs but personally I have found great value in listening podcasts.

I listen to podcasts covering lifestyle, creative and music topics and interviews with professionals across the arts and media spectrum. Listening can be done while travelling, making food or doing chores and is a positive way to make the most of our time while undertaking mundane tasks. Here is a small selection of my favourite podcasts and episodes, I hope you find them interesting and inspiring. If you have any recommendations of your own visit the contact page or email You can find me on Twitter @MDennyMusic or visit my website at

The Minimalists:
This podcast with Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus sees discussion surrounding the minimalist lifestyle, and each episode looks at how a minimalist approach can be applied to different aspects of our lives.
Favourite Episodes: 42: Creating / 127: Sivers

The Stage Left Podcast:
This podcast features fascinating and educational interviews with musicians who have worked with some of the biggest artists in the world.
Favourite Episodes: 27: Sam Herhily - Hope of the States / 38: Gem Archer - Oasis

Tap Tempo with Matt Lange:
Hosted by composer and music producer Matt Lange, this podcast features interviews and informal discussion with a selection of musicians working in all aspects of the film, tv, game and music industry.
Favourite Episodes: 18: Sharooz Raoofi / 08: Sarah Schchner

The Ground Up Show:
A podcast with filmmaker Matt D’Avella which aims to inspire creativity through interviews and discussion with a range of successful creatives from a range of industries.
Favourite Episodes: 53: Freelance / 61: Simple Advice