Music Production - Toolkit 2: Spitfire Audio - Olafur Arnalds Felt Piano / LABS

Welcome to the part 2 of the Music Production Toolkit series where I am looking at some of my favourite and most frequently used plugins, virtual instruments and samples libraries.

The main focus this week in the centrepiece of the Spitfire Audio - Olafur Arnalds Composer Toolkit, the Felt Grand Piano. Over the last 10 years Spitfire Audio have become a huge name in the world of media composition and music production and have produced some beautiful libraries, my favourites being Chamber Strings Professional, Albion V Tundra and the LABS range (more on that later).

OA Felt SS

The Felt Grand Piano intricately captures the essence of Olafur Arnalds uniquely customised piano allowing the user to experiment with his signature sound, heard most famously on the Broadchurch score. The interface is simple with controls including dynamics, expression, pedal parameters and reverb while the different instances of the Kontakt instrument allow you to choose which mics you want to use including an etherial ambient soundscape option. Aside from the obvious uses, the instrument is surprisingly flexible and can be effective as a solo instrument, accompanied by atmospheres, strings and percussion and layered with other piano sounds. In a professional context I have used the Felt Grand Piano on music for relaxation, library music commissions and my solo projects.

For those on a budget (well, no budget at all) I cannot recommend the Soft Piano included in the Spitfire Audio LABS instrument plugin enough. Obviously the Soft Piano it has less options for manipulation than the Felt Grand Piano but the overall sound is beautiful and sounds particularly great when layered with other gentle instrumentIon.

Spitfire Audio LABS SS

While Spitfire Audio products can be costly, its worth keeping an eye out for deals on the site, a number of times a year they run a wish-list promotion offering generous percentage discounts and if you are a student they run an educational programme too.