Music Production - Toolkit 1: Logic Step FX

Welcome to the first part in a new series called Music Production Toolkit where I will be looking at some of my favourite and most frequently used plugins, virtual instruments and samples libraries.

First up is Step FX, a plugin added to Logic X version 10.4 earlier this year. Despite it being around 5 years since there was a full version update, Logic X still presents incredible value for money and alongside Step FX recent free incremental updates also include the powerful Alchemy synth, the exciting ChromaVerb plugin and updates to legacy features in the software including the user interface of popular instruments and effects.

Step FX Logic

Step FX is a multi effects plugin which primarily creates movement, rhythm and pulses from your chosen sound source and it can be applied to MIDI or audio.

Obvious sound sources which suit Step FX include synth pads and bass - while experimenting on drums and percussion can be effective especially when using glitchy sounds. I do however encourage you to try applying Step FX to any sound source, including orchestral samples as you can create inspiring and interesting sounds. I’ve had success building atmospheres and underscores using a range of pad sounds across a series of tracks, each one processed using different settings helping to create an overall texture with depth, movement and stereo width.

While I highly recommend experimentation with the substantial options within the plugin, the included presets offer an excellent place to start to explore its capabilities and are well categorised and named (see image below).

Step FX Logic Presets

If you are a Logic user, I guarantee you’ll be reaching to experiment with Step FX on all kinds of sound sources and I hope you reap the creative rewards of this excellent multi-effects tool.