Music Production - Toolkit 3: Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate

Welcome to the part 3 of the Music Production Toolkit series where I am looking at some of my favourite and most frequently used plugins, virtual instruments and samples libraries.

This week I am looking at Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate, a huge collection of 87 Native Instruments products including soft synths, effects, and sample libraries. While the contents of this pack can be overwhelming, there are a number of key tools within this collection which have become essential to my composition and production workflow. Here is an overview of 3 of my favourites, Kontakt, Battery and Massive.


1. Kontakt
Kontakt has become an industry standard sampler and comes loaded with its own factory library offering a great range of over 1000 instruments. The power of Kontakt though is in the extensive range of additional sampled instruments available from numerous manufacturers. Personally I use Kontakt to run products from Spitfire Audio, Heavyocity, Output and Gothic Instruments alongside all the included additions in Komplete - my picks of these being Una Corda, Evolve and Damage.


2. Battery
Battery is an extremely powerful drum sampler which comes with a range of preloaded kits. For my workflow, I use Battery to make my own kits using chosen samples from the Battery library, third party manufacturers and those I have recorded and produced myself. The power of Battery is in the immense control for manipulation you have over each sample, from changing the sample length and start point to applying effects to individual hits and layering multiple sounds to trigger simultaneously.


3. Massive
Massive has been an industry standard soft synth now for over 10 years and is still one of my go to synths when producing electronic based tracks. The included presets are a good place to start, but the intuitive interface allows you to get hands on manipulating these sounds to create you own unique and powerful patches.